Why Write a Book?

I guess it is hard to label any one group of people in any area of life, let alone say that the group of people in question all have the same reason for doing what they do. Authors are no different, although we can provide the label of author pretty easily, defining the type of author they are and the reasons they became another and so forth are a tad more difficult. That is why if I was asking a group of authors the question ‘Why write a book?’ it wouldn’t surprise me if I got a multitude of different answers on the subject.

Writing a book definitely takes motivation, dedication and commitment to the cause if it is going to be of any value to you so before you begin make sure that you are willing to put in the time, energy and research to make it a success. A book that is written of published poorly can do more harm than good. Then, before you begin try to pin point your reasons or goals for the book you are about to write. It will be important to keep these in mind as you write to keep your book on track and make sure that it is fit for purpose. To give you some ideas, here are just a couple of common reasons why authors choose to write and publish books…

Writing a book to make money: Writing as a career can certainly be a challenging move but get the right formula and you could be quid’s in.

Writing a book to express yourself: One of the most common answers authors give about why they write is for passion or as a way to express themselves in a way they cannot in day to day life.

Writing a book to building your brand: As a business person or public figure it’s important to establish a personal and business brand, this video explains how writing and self-publishing a book can play a key role …

Writing a book to educate:  As a professor or an expert in your field having a book published is a great mark of achievement and is a wonderful way to share your knowledge

With lots more reasons to go at, pin point your motivation and book goals at the beginning of the process so they can keep you on track throughout the writing process.

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