Ask yourself these questions and if any of them apply to you then there is a good chance you could benefit from doing some work on your search engine optimisation:

  • Do you need to promote your message to as many people as possible?
  • Could your product sales be better?
  • Do you have a service to offer and need to yell it from the roof tops?
  • Do you have a small business whose reputation needs building?
  • Do you want to offer your customers the best user experience possible?
  • Do you want to be able to give your customer/user what they want AND what they need?
  • Do you need assistance with tracking leads, sales and influence from your website for market research?
  • Is your current site listing buried in a sea of services and businesses on Google?
  • Did you think your small business didn’t need a website?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then it is time you started some work on your site’s SEO. Search engine optimisation is key to driving traffic to your business or blog and is one of the biggest factors in how many people out there hear your message. Without a website, there is no fixed address to point the online community to which means very few people will be able to find you and if they do, it is likely to be in and amongst a sea of competition. With a website that is lacking in on-site and off-site SEO, you have an address, but no one knows how to find you and they certainly won’t just drive by and pop in on the off chance as you will be near on invisible amongst your competition. If you are a small business owner of any kind, SEO will be invaluable to you in the long term. If you publish articles and blog posts with information that will benefit others, or you have a cause you are trying to promote, SEO will be the backbone of a strategy that will get your message out to the masses.

Convinced that you need SEO? The important thing to start off with is research and great planning so that you don’t miss out on key on-site and off-site opportunities. You will find some really useful information throughout the Digital Pulp site to get you started but it is worth getting a variety of opinions on what works well and what doesn’t so check out other leading blogs like Ranking Academy and see what sites like Moz and Google have in terms of webmaster tools that could make all the difference to your SEO efforts. If after some research, you decide that going it alone isn’t for you, then get in contact with local digital marketing agencies to see if any of them are the right fit for your biz.